One Drawing a Day

I stumbled upon this drawing advice video and it hit me hard.

The advice is to stop being so scatterbrained and focus on one thing instead. I have so many different art mediums that I work with and so many vastly different art ideas that it felt like he was talking to me personally. I have been focusing on art but need to narrow it down further to one medium.

The advise from his mentor to combat scatterbrain is perfect.

Draw the same thing every single day

Marc Schattner

Meaning narrow it down to focus on one thing and only focus on that one thing to become great at it. This applies to many things in life not just drawing. Whatever skill you want to flourish needs to be the focus of your time.

This quote reminds me of another quote that has been instrumental in my life, helped me to grow as a person, and inspired me to try things I never would have otherwise.

Do one thing every day that scares you

Elenor Roosevelt

Overall this video was quite inspirational for me. Seeing as I have not made a new years resolution yet and it is still January I might have to take this challenge on. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions on what I should draw.